Learn How to Win at Sabong Betting and Win More

Cockfighting is a popular bloodsport that can be difficult to win in when players are betting randomly. Gamecocks aren’t chosen by random and their breeders specifically bred them to fight in cockpits while keeping their respective strengths and weaknesses in mind. To win at sabong betting, players will need to be knowledgeable on the gamecocks themselves but also on basic gambling strategies.


How to Win at Sabong: Choose the Rooster with a Better Track Record of Wins

When possible, gamblers should take a look into an individual rooster’s or breeder’s track record to get an idea whether the participating gamefowl has a decent chance of winning. While this won’t be possible in online sabong matches, players can practice this sabong tip on local cockfights and in competitions.

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Engage in Premier Casino Gaming: Experience the Best Online Sabong in the Philippines at Sabong international

Professional breeders typically participate in competitions where they pit their gamecocks against other breeders’ gamefowls. Because of this, there should be information on who these breeders are and what breeds they’re using to compete with. Comparing the track record of each participant and their respective breed/s should give players a better idea of which rooster will win.

How to Win at Sabong: Check the Gamefowl’s Breed

Different gamecock breeds will have different characteristics that can make or break their performance in the cockpit. Certain breeds are naturally more aggressive than others while others are sturdier and can withstand more hits. Players should keep an eye on the following breeds when in a local or online cockpit:

These breeds are some of the best gamefowl breeds to bet on in matches. Several of them are well-known for their aggressiveness while others are known for being fast and powerful.

The Sweater is one of the fiercest breeds to get involve in the cockpits of Mexico and the Philippines and is well-known for their many wins in different cockpits worldwide. This breed was improved upon by Carol Nesmith from a stock of roosters that were no longer considered fit for competitions.

Gamblers will need to be knowledgeable on different gamefowl breeds to win at sabong matches, especially when they’re breeding roosters to compete.

How to Win at Sabong: Check the Gamefowl’s Bloodline

Just like there are different gamefowl breeds there are also different bloodlines per breed, depending on the individual breeder. This means that Nesmith’s Sweaters are different from other breeder’s Sweaters, even if they received their initial broodstock from Nesmith themselves. Different bloodlines are created from crossbreeding and raising roosters differently and subjecting them to further inbreeding and crossbreeding.

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Engage in Premier Casino Gaming: Experience the Best Online Sabong in the Philippines at Sabonginternational.in

One example of a bloodline is J9G Gamefarm’s bloodlines for their Greys and White Pearls. The J9 Grey is developed from the straight comb Harold Brown Grey and David Yorkman’s Possum Sweater while the J9 White Pearl is developed from a mix of Kelsos, Radios, and Lemon Hatches. These bloodlines are made from already established breeds and bloodlines that are known for their effectivity in the cockpits. These chickens are bred through the battery breeding system and are fed Egg 1000 Water Soluble Powders and VitMin Pro health enhancer tablets.

The same rooster breed of different bloodlines will have different traits and characteristics, depending on how they’re raised, and it’s important to be knowledgeable about these whenever possible.

How to Win at Sabong: Focus on the Ruweda

Engage in Premier Casino Gaming: Experience the Best Online Sabong in the Philippines at Sabong international
Engage in Premier Casino Gaming: Experience the Best Online Sabong in the Philippines at Sabong international

During the ruweda, the two roosters are presented to the audience and their gestures are displayed to see how well they move. Before placing bets, bettors should check the following during the ruweda:

  • How well the rooster flies
  • How high the rooster jumps
  • The quality of the feathers
  • The beak quality
  • Rooster’s strength
  • Rooster’s stamina
  • Rooster’s agility

Roosters with shiny feathers are usually healthy and healthy roosters will perform better than unhealthy ones, so it’s important to check whether or not the rooster is at the top of their game. How well the gamefowl flies and jumps also give people an idea on the current state of the rooster. Betting on healthy and lively roosters is one way to win at sabong matches.

How to Win at Sabong: Base the Bet on the Trends

Trends can occur in sabong and players can base their bets on whether the current trend is on “meron” or “wala.” Traditionally, “meron” means the favorite while “wala” means the underdog and betting on the favorite is one good way to rack up winning streaks. However, certain sabong providers don’t operate like this and instead base the odds on how many players staked on a particular rooster.

Betting on “meron” based on the trends means betting on it because it had the most number of wins as opposed to “wala.” Because different roosters participate in cockfights, betting on trends is purely superstitious unless when betting on competitions where the current trend is that a certain breeder racked up more wins than the others.

How to Win at Sabong: Use Betting Systems

Because sabong betting only involved three bets, “meron,” “draw,” and “wala,” it’s entirely possible to use different betting systems when placing multiple bets. One simple system is Flat Betting where players must bet only a set amount per round. Combining it with the one-sided strategy that’s mostly used on baccarat and roulette is a fairly effective and simple system.

Other betting systems to use are the following:

  • Martingale
  • Reverse Martingale
  • Paroli
  • 1-3-2-4
  • 1-3-2-6
  • Labouchere

These systems are better used for actual casino games since those games don’t involve research on which bet is better to make or not. Additionally, winning at sabong betting is more dependent on knowing which rooster is the best and randomly placing bets is a good way to increase losing streaks.


Sabong bettors can win at sabong betting by being knowledgeable on the different gamecocks participating in matches. Not all gamefowls are alike, even if they’re of the same breed, since different breeders will raise their gamefowls differently.

Bettors should keep an eye out on how healthy gamefowls are and who their breeders are to get an idea of which one will win a match. Without knowing anything about roosters, bettors won’t likely win their bets in online sabong and make money, even if they use certain betting systems.