Sabong International: First Deposit Bonuses

Sabong International: First Deposit Bonuses,Your journey at Sabong International starts with a generous First Deposit Bonus. This bonus is directly related to the amount of your initial deposit. To understand the bonus equivalent, refer to the table below:


Sabong International First Deposit Bonuses
Sabong International First Deposit Bonuses

First Deposit Bonuses event content

1st Deposit Bonus Turnover
₱100 ₱38 10x
₱300 ₱98
₱500 ₱158
₱1,000 ₱358
₱2,000 ₱658
₱3,000 ₱1,058
₱5,000 ₱1,588

For instance, if you deposit ₱100, you will receive a bonus of ₱38, effectively doubling your gaming potential. To activate this bonus, ensure you confirm it with the customer service team. They will promptly approve and transfer the equivalent first deposit bonus to your account after confirming your eligibility.